Mr. Magdi M. Saleh has been working as a Tour Guide in Egypt for the past 15 years.

With a Masters Degree in Egyptology from Germany, Mr. Magdi has been serving in the Art of Healing and meditation for 12 years.

Mr. Magdi knows by heart the Best old Egyptian Power Places for Meditation, and he has an amazing power for healing different diseases.

Individuals visiting Egypt are assisted and provided with valuable suggestions and information through Mr. Magdi to find the best places in Egypt, where they can benefit from the power of meditation.

MR. Magdi does not belong Buddhism or Cathplicism, he belongs to the truth and preach the truth. You may call it Buddhism, Cathalicism, Taoism or whatever you like Welcome to all.

By attaining inner peace we will attain everything else. All the satisfaction, all the fulfilment of worldly and heavenly desires come from the Kingdom of God-the inner realization of our eternal harmony, of our eternal wisdom, and of our almighty power. If we do not get these we never find good health and satisfaction, no matter how much money or power, or how a position we have.

Our teaching is that whatever you have to do in this world, do it, do it wholeheartedly.

By responsible and also meditate every day. You will get more knowledge, more wisdom, more peace, in order to serve yourself and serve the world. Do not forget that you have your own goodness inside you. Do not forget that you have God dwelling within your body who will help you through surgery and times of ill health. Do not forget that you have your own God within your heart.